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Immoral Phantasmagoria according to Carlo Collodi

Created in January 2009

A disobedient wooden puppet dreams of becoming a "good little boy". Then begins a trip to Italy Cinecittà, through the countryside, the city, the forest, a small puppet theater, the sea, the belly of a shark ... Each event is part of a therapy that will make this Pinocchio's monster a "wise and devoted" child.
Jérémie Le Louët pushes the characters to the edge of the archetype, lends his actors to the game of disguise, uses music and sound amplification to recreate the magic of one of our most beautiful myths.

After Macbett from Ionesco and Hot House by Harold Pinter, A Pinocchio of less is once again the opportunity for Jérémie Le Louët to question the actor's play, theatricality and its conventions.