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Pseudo-practical joke according to Alfred Jarry

Created in November 2014

"And there will come new young people who will find us very backward and will compose,to abominate us, ballads; and there is no reason for it to end." Alfred Jarry

If we judge the play from a strictly literary point of view – which would be wrong to do, the "Ubu Roi" is a very poor piece. Not much spirit, not much poetry, not much philosophy … But we cannot separate the play of its story: a 23-year-old young man who decides to operate a full renovation of theatre by theatre. Alfred Jarry orchestrates the destruction of all scleroses and all academicism’s of bad tradition that prevents theatre (and the rest!) to free itself from conventions in which youth is saturated.
The destroyers, the transgressors, the hideous cheats always liven-up my shows. They are the best characters. Those who eternally allow us to measure our drives, our fantasies and our frustrations. Those who question the theatricality by their only presence on stage. And then, the question of theatricality for me is highly political because it determines the ambition and degree of the artists’ on stage commitment.
In our "Ubu", panels do not follow each other; they collide and dispute in an emphatic, ironic and critical fashion. The play speaks about abuse of power, about abuse of arbitrary power, about abuse of violence … On stage, the abuses originate in the noxious relationship between actors performing the play; the story of a theatre group playing "Ubu Roi" and tearing while playing it. It is a staged crisis. And in this demolition, Jarry only asks to be ill-treated.

Jérémie Le Louët