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Pseudo-practical joke according to Alfred Jarry

Created in November 2014

"At the head of Les Dramaticules, Jérémie Le Louët set himself free through one and only way. And it works, it even gallops." Jean-Pierre Léonardini - L'Humanité

"This fragmented play touches us, very fast, for the cause of free and totally opened up theatre." Manuel Piolat-Soleymat - La Terrasse

"This Ubu takes us on a roller coaster ride. Beyond the boldness and the intelligence of questionings, Les Dramaticules really proposes a theatre for all and it is, again, what makes their strength." Aurore Chéry -

"Associated with the creativity of Les Dramaticules, this play becomes a burning contest manifesto with a delight invitation to blow up old conventions" Audrey Jean -

"After Affreux, bêtes et pédants, Jérémie Le Louët drives the nail home with forms, pursuing the demolition introduced by Jarry. It is hard hitting theatre that hits fantasists of all kinds. Let’s catch the cheats! Ubu died? Long live Ubu." Cédric Enjalbert -

"It is an Ubu Roi rewriting that we salute. Jarry’s work is modernised and stimulated. It is playful and effective, embellished and joyful." Christophe Giolito -

"The show is tremendous, and has the merit to make one’s hairs stand up on one’s neck; also to get off the beaten track and contribute to the building of a new theatre." Pierre Galouise -