© Sébastien Chambert


Fantastic Recital of Guy de Maupassant

Created in July 2010

"You should not miss Jérémie Le Louët so much as he excels at this famous fantastic text performance. The artist, like no one else, creates an atmosphere dominated by dark. In this uncluttered show, he knows perfectly how to skip into the meanders of a strange character." Jack Dion - MARIANNE

"Jérémie Le Louët transforms Le Horla into a great theatrical laboratory: the play, the light and the sound make together a show in the strength of evocation and little common suggestion." Catherine Robert - LA TERRASSE

"The comedian shows himself here as master of anxiety by literally making visible for the audience the imperceptible being, the Other imperceptible one, who haunts Maupassant’s narrative. It is the real performance of the actor that leads us to applause. Striking!" Dimitri Denorme - LE PARISCOPE