In 2010, the theatre of Corbeil-Essonnes suggests to the Chantemerle Middle School to the complete serial "Plus belle la vie d’une compagnie" ("A beautiful life of a company"). Seduced by the peculiarity of Les Dramaticules’ work and by Jérémie Le Louët’s educational approach of theatre, the theatre of Corbeil-Essonnes proposes a four year setting-up residency for the group in the conurbation of Seine Essonne region (Corbeil-Essonnes, Soisy-sur-Seine, Coudray-Montceaux, Saint-Germain-lès-Corbeil and Etiolles).


From 2006 onwards, Les Dramaticules was faithfully supported by the Theatre of the city of Rungis. All our plays have been welcomed there, enabling the inhabitants to identify Jérémie Le Louët’s work. The sustainability of this collaboration allowed our two teams to establish a relationship of trust and complicity which led us to develop together various projects intended for the public.

The Theatre of Rungis strengthened this link by inviting Les Dramaticules for a three year residency from 2011 to 2013. The program included: shows such as "Salome" by Oscar Wilde, "Horla" by Maupassant, "Richard III" by Shakespeare - but also workshops, “apartment theatre”, public readings, amongst others.

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Association of the Val de Bièvre metropolitan areas


From 2007 to 2011, Les Dramaticules was collectively invited by the conurbation of the Val de Bièvre (CAVB), the Theatre of Cachan-Jacques Carat, the Cultural space André Malraux in Kremlin-Bicêtre and the Theatre Romain Rolland in Villejuif, for a residency in seven cities of the CAVB (Arcueil, Cachan, Fresnes, Gentilly, Kremlin-Bicêtre, Haÿ-les-Roses and Villejuif).

In this context, Les Dramaticules created Hot House by Harold Pinter in 2007, Un Pinocchio de moins! (A Pinocchio less!) according to Carlo Collodi in 2009, and Salome by Oscar Wilde in 2011.
This residency also enabled the group to learn how to work off walls. Artistic and educational meetings were offered to the inhabitants of the seven municipalities of the CAVB: as well as rehearsals and public readings, short plays, interventions in schools, internships, conferences, and more.

The prospect of a four year residency allowed the company to develop ideal partnerships on a long-term basis with all cultural services within the area such as sociocultural structures, academies, schools, hospitals, the detention Centre of Fresnes …

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Theatre of Châtillon


Since January 2014, for a period of the three following years, Les Dramaticules are artists associated with the Theatre of Châtillon. This close collaboration between our two teams is solidified through support for the production, by our constant presence in the territory, and by regular “off the walls” meetings...
The people of Châtillon were able to discover "Salome" by O.Wilde in 2012, "Richard III" de Shakespeare in 2013, as well as meetings, short plays and readings taking place in many parts and places of the city over two seasons.
January 2014 saw the irth of "Affreux, bêtes et pédants" ("Hideous, stupid and pedantic"), a play that we rehearsed and presented at the Theatre of Châtillon from the 16th to 26th of January. Then came "Ubu roi" ("Ubu king), in November of the same year.

The commitment shown to us by the Theatre of Châtillon gives us confidence in our work and repertoire as a group which we defend ardently - on the plateau and off walls - since Les Dramaticules exists.

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Theatre of Madeleine, subsidised scene of Troyes


Since January 2014, for a period of four years, Les Dramaticules is in residency at the Theatre of Madeleine. The people of Troyes were able to discover "Macbett" by Ionesco in 2012, and "Richard III" by Shakespeare in 2013.

In January 2014, we presented "Affreux, bêtes et pédants" ("hideous, stupid and pedantic"), a satiric collective work, portrait of French cultural life. In April, we presented "Salome" by Oscar Wilde, a grotesque tragedy written in our language by the most French of Irish people, and "Ubu roi" ("Ubu the King"), in January 2015.
We are eager to share with the public our look on performance and representation. We therefore go out to meet the people of Troyes by proposing “off the walls”, short plays and readings, theatrical practice training courses, theatre and cinema meetings...

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Les Bords de Scènes-Théâtres et Cinémas


The collaboration between the Cultural centre of Portes de l’Essonne and Les Dramaticules began in 2012, with the welcome of the play of "Richard III" and the implementation of awareness-raising activities within the region; in high schools, in apartments, etc. In 2013, "Le Horla" provided the opportunity for new exchanges with local inhabitants, then came "Ubu roi" ("Ubu the King"), in 2015.
The Cultural centre of des Portes de l’Essonne strengthens this link by inviting Les Dramaticules for a three season residency commencing in September 2015. The program includes in house readings, broadcasting Les Dramaticules repertoire, supporting the coproduction for our next production: "Don Quixote", and more.

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