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Passionate film lover, Jérémie Le Louët engages himself to create bridges between theater and cinema. In conjunction with the partner theatres and the cinemas aligned with them, since 2007, he proposes, meetings for a movie projection related to the show programmed for the stage:

"Brazil" by T. Gilliam / for "Hot House"
"Artificial intelligence" by S. Spielberg / for "Un Pinocchio de moins!" ("A Pinocchio down!")
"Macbeth" by O. Welles and "Spider web Castle" by In. Kurosawa/ for "Macbett"
Looking for Richard by A. Pacino / for Richard III
"Eight and a half" by F. Fellini / for "Affreux, bêtes et pedants" ("Hideous, stupid and pedantic")
"Lost in la Mancha" by K. Fulton and L. Pepe / for "Don Quichotte".