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three episodes theatrical series

Created in November 2009

"Plus belle la vie d'une compagnie" is an incisive and terribly funny three-part-episoder about the life of a theatre group. Nobody is spared - artists, performing arts professionals, and spectators, this entire small world passes through the grinder!. A lightfull tri-episoder, that reveals to us, without compromise, the fascinating universe of “behind the scenes”.

"Mazo", the first episode, reveals the relations between actors, as well as between actors and the director, all tempestuous relations in a turbulent context. In this rehearsal that turns into a nightmare, daily tragedy is merged with lyrical tragedy; realism becomes baroque and manifests itself as a terrifying ego battle.

The episode "Les marchands de soupe" ("Soup sellers") questions the Institution’s association with artists and spectators, and how “cultural products “might annihilate illusions. This leans on two often distressing communication and exercises/activities: the annual presentation of the theatre’s program and Theatre’s job interview.

"Pour toi spectateur!" ("For you audience!"), is a very "pirandelliean" episode (Luigi Pirandello style). It questions the relation between artists/audience. This debate sends the audience back to their expectations, to their frustrations and to the parameters of their desires.