© Steve Assandri


Immoral Phantasmagoria according to Carlo Collodi

Created in January 2009

"The most beautiful of our myths is neither Faust, nor Don Juan, but Pinocchio. We are Pinocchio back- to-front: we are wooden and we have to get rid ourselves - to rid ourselves of the man and become masks again." Valère Novarina

A disobedient broken wooden marionette dreams about becoming "a good little boy". Just like in the Wonderful Wizard of Oz and Don Juan, the protagonist is thrown on to a risky path which confronts him to all his perversities. His journey is an initiatory route in the Cinecittà Italy, which spreads out over a multitude of stages in, and so many different theatres: the sea, the city, the countryside, the forest, a small puppet theatre, the stomach of a shark … Each event serves an element of a therapy that in turn transforms this Pinocchio monster into a wise and well-behaved boy.

At first, it is the enigmatic, strange and dark tale which seduced me. The language of Carlo Collodi, is a rare arrogance that also enthused me; lively, fast, sometimes trivial, sometimes baroque, with its leitmotivs, repetitions, rigged proverbs and its violent breaks. In my adaptation, I divided the text into movements, into successive waves, battling against the script of "explanation" and the script "generality", so that very contrasted sequences add up, collide, dispute, creating intense dynamics, situations that do not settle down.

"Let the performance’s continuous stream be comparable to the continuous stream of an orchestra" Jean-Louis Barrault

I asked the actors to reveal theatre peculiar subtleties without betraying the mystery of representation. As in my previous shows, characters are pushed to the limit of archetypes, until extravagance, by avoiding, the burlesque and caricatural. There is a strong theatrical claim in Pinocchio and many costumes because five actors take care of Collodi’s crowded universe. The sound and light bring this nightmare to life, leading us to sense these nightmares anxiety.

Jérémie Le Louët