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Pierre-Antoine Billon Hélène BourgetJulien BuchyThomas Chrétien
Anthony CourretSimon DenisJonathan FrajenbergBarbara Gassier
Noémie GuedjJérémie Le LouëtGuéwen MaignerDominique Massat
Théo PombetThomas SanlavilleBlandine Vieillot

  • Pierre-Antoine Billon



    Pierre-Antoine Billon is trained at the Florent classes and then at the Thibault de Montalembert school. He plays under the direction of Thibault de Montalembert at the Théâtre de la Bastille in "DNA" by Dennis Kelly, then in "It's Michelle's birthday but it's gone" by Philippe Minyana under the direction of Mats Besnardeau and Guillaume Delvingt at the Twentieth Theater. He met Sarah Tick, who directed it at the Theater of Belleville in "The dreams" of Ivan Viripaeiv then in "Why my brothers and I left ..." Hedi Tillette Clermont-Tonnerre in Avignon at the condition of the silks, then on tour in 2017 (Marseille, le Mans, Lisieux, Saint Malo ...). Pierre-Antoine Billon finds Thibault de Montalembert in "The Vanel Zoo" for Arte. He plays under the direction of Hélène Babu in "The Seagull" CDN Cherbourg and CDDB Lorient, then in "Les Facheux" on tour and the Theater of Versailles. Jérémie Le Louët invites him to join the team in March 2017 for the resumption of a role in "Don Quichotte".

  • Hélène Bourget


    Secrétaire d'artiste

    Formée à l'E.A.C pendant 3 ans, Hélène Bourget obtient en 2017 un Bachelor en Management culturel. Elle rejoint ensuite l'IESA en 2018 et se forme pendant un an en Master « Administration et gestion de projets culturels ». Hélène Bourget choisit notamment de se spécialiser dans le secteur musical et théâtral.
    Au cours de ses études, elle complète son apprentissage par plusieurs expériences opérationnelles dans divers festivals de musique. Les plus significatives étant celles d’une durée de 6 mois en tant qu'assistante de production et de coordination : l’une au Festival Nuits de Champagne en juin 2017, l'autre au Festival Django Reinhardt en mars 2018. Elle participe notamment à l’organisation de l’accueil des équipes artistiques, au suivi administratif et à la coordination des bénévoles.
    Elle réalise sa première expérience dans le secteur théâtral en novembre 2018. Elle rejoint la Compagnie des Dramaticules pour une stage en tant qu'assistante de production et d'administration pour une durée de 5 mois. Hélène Bourget assiste notamment à la logistique des tournées, la coordination de la résidence d’implantation de la compagnie dans les Yvelines et participe à l’organisation du Festival d’Avignon 2019, auquel la compagnie participe.
    À la suite de cette dernière expérience, Hélène Bourget intègre la Compagnie des Dramaticules en septembre 2019 en tant que permanente, au poste de secrétaire d’artiste.

  • Julien Buchy



    Following drama classes at the Cours Florent School, under the renowned tuition of M.Fau and M. Auvray-Nauroy, Buchy plays notably in "Les femmes savantes" by Molière ("The learned Ladies"), "Pasiphaé" by Henri de Montherlant, "Esther" by Jean Racine, "La jeune fille, le diable et le moulin" by Olivier Py ("The young girl, the devil and the mill"), and "Psyche" by Corneille and "Chat en poche" by Georges Feydeau ("Pig in a poke").

    In October 2002, he joins Les Dramaticules and participates in all of its realisations. He interprets the leading role in "Macbett" by Eugene Ionesco (2004/05), the role of Roote in "Hot House" by Harold Pinter (2007/08), the role of Pinocchio in "A Pinocchio less!" (2008/09), the roles of the young Syrian and the Jews in "Salome" by Oscar Wilde (2010/11), the roles of Edouard, Clarence and the Duchess in "Richard III" ("The Life and Death of Richard the Third") by William Shakespeare (2012/13), the roles of Julien and a spectator in "Affreux, bêtes et pédants" ("Hideous, stupid and pedantic" - 2013/14), the roles of Rosemonde, Giron and Pile in "Ubu roi ("Ubu the King"- 2014/15) and the role of Sancho Panza in "Don Quichotte" (2015/2016).

  • Thomas Chrétien


    Lighting designer and technical manager

    Having obtained his Art professions Diploma (DMA) of lighting control (Nantes, France) in 2003, Chrétien works as technician / light manager in different theatres in Paris and the surrounding area (La Colline, the Odeon, Theatre 13, Théâtre de l'Athénée Louis Jouvet, Theater Firmin Gémier in Antony). From 2005 to 2007, he was the technical manager at Theatre 13 in Paris, where he welcomed and assured all productions and technical operations from many professional theatre groups.

    In 2006, he joins Les Dramaticules to assure the sound and lighting design/control booth, during "Macbett", "Hot House", "Un Pinocchio de moins!", "Le Horla" and "Salome"’s tours. He also creates the light design of shows staged and directed by Jérémie Le Louët. Such as "Richard III" by William Shakespeare (2012/13), of "Affreux, bêtes et pédants" ("Hideous, stupid and pedantic" - 2013/14); of "Ubu roi" (2014/15) ; and of "Don Quichotte" (2015/2016).

  • Anthony Courret



    Courret received his drama training through the Cours Florent School. managed by Jean-Pierre Garnier and Michel Fau. He plays in "Nous mourrons et vous nous oublierez" ("We shall die and you will forget us") according to Sergueï Alexievitch's plea at the Theatre 71 and "Occupe-toi d’Amélie" ("Take care of Amélie") by Georges Feydeau at the Trianon Theatre.

    In October, 2002, he joins Les Dramaticules and participates in all of its plays, interpreting the roles of Glamiss and the officer in "Macbett" by Ionesco (2004/05), the roles of Tubb and Lobb in "Hot House" by Harold Pinter (2007/08), the roles of the cat and the slug in "Un Pinocchio de moins!" ("A Pinocchio less!" - 2008/09), the first guard in "Salome" by Oscar Wilde (2010/11), the roles of Hastings and a murderer in "Richard III" by William Shakespeare (2012/13), the role of Ludovic-Ludo in "Affreux, bêtes et pédants" ("Hideous, stupid and pedantic"- 2013/14), the role of Venceslas in "Ubu Roi" ("Ubu the king" - 2014/15) and the role of the duc in "Don Quichotte" (2015/16).

  • Simon Denis


    Sound Designer & Tech manager

    Educated both in the vocational training centre of performing arts in Bagnolet and the Theatre of Cachan, Denis obtains his Manager's Diploma specialised in performing arts, sound option, in 2008. He then spends two seasons occupying the sound manager's role at the Theatre of Cachan.

    In April 2010, he joins Les Dramaticules for the sound production of "Le Horla", in which he manages the sound and light control booth during the 2010 Festival of Avignon 2010, and then on tour. He works very closely to Jérémie Le Louët on the sound production of the group’s short play, and their state control.

    Denis develops the sound production of "Salome" by Oscar Wilde. He also pursues the same work for "Richard III" by William Shakespeare, produced in autumn 2012, "Affreux, bêtes et pédants" ("hideous, stupid and pedantic") created in January 2014, "Ubu roi", created in November 2014 and "Don Quichotte" created in June 2016. All shows were directed by Jérémie Le Louët. In parallel, he occasionally manages the control booth for companies such as Le Cri de l'Armoire, C'est pour bientôt, Hercub, Inouï and Nosferatu Productions. He also works as a technician in institutions such as L'Echangeur, the Theatre of Cachan and the Pompidou Centre.

  • Jonathan Frajenberg



    Frajenberg completes his drama training first at L’ecole du Passage, then at Studio 34. As an actor within the Acte6 company, he works under the supervision of Sébastien Rajon in "Peer Gynt" by Henrik Ibsen, at the Theatre 13 (2004/2005), in "Le Balcon" by Jean Genet (The balcony - 2005/2006) and in "Les courtes lignes by Mr Courteline" ("Short lines" - 2007/2008) at the Theatre de l'Athénée. He also work for Frédéric Ozier in "Vice(s), versa", overturned by Thomas Middleton and William Rowley at the Sudden Theatre and "L'homme qui a vu le diable" ("The man who saw the devil") by Gaston Leroux at Theatre de l'Athénée. He also performed in "Jules César" by Shakespeare and directed by Frédéric Jessua, and "L'atroce volupté" at Theater 14 and ("The atrocious sensual delight") by Georges Neveux and Max Maurey.

    Jérémie Le Louët invites him to join Les Dramaticules in September 2008. Their first collaboration was is "Un Pinocchio de moins!" ("A Pinocchio less!" - 2008/09) in which he performs the role of the Fox. He then performs the role of the second guard in "Salome" by Oscar Wilde (2010/11), the role of Buckingham in "Richard III" by William Shakespeare (2012/13), the role of Captain Bordure in "Ubu roi" ("Ubu the king") and the role of the priest in "Don Quichotte" (2015/16).

  • Barbara Gassier


    Costume Designer

    Gassier quickly orientate herself to sewing by joining a professional high school. The training courses she chooses lead her to the theatre and the opera, and eventually to New York in 2000 to work in Milliners Workshop. After obtaining her diploma, she studies an English second-year university degree and a performing art diploma in order to experiment faculty and theatre workshops.

    In 2002, Gassier is admitted into the prestigious La Martinière School to be a Wardrobe master. The following years, she works, among others, on one piece cutting with Dominique Fabrègue and tailoring with Patrick Lebreton. During one of her internships at the Theatre du Soleil, she also experiments the Japanese dye with Isabelle de Maisonneuve.
    With the diploma in her pocket, she joins theatres such as the La Colline National Theatre, the Theatre des Amandiers in Nanterre and the Theatre de l’Est Parisien in Paris.

    In 2009, Gassier signs with Marie Odin for "Macbeth" at Yunké Theatre. In 2013, she works with the same company on "Zakowsky ou la vie joyeuse" ("Zakowsky or the joyful life"). In 2010, she attends the cutting for "Une Flûte Enchantée" by Peter Brook ("A magic flute").

    In 2013, she works as an assistant and dresser for "Anna Sodjin" on Xabi Molia’s full-length film. Further to this shooting, she works with Mohamed Rouhabi and the Company des Acharnés in "All power to the people". In 2014, she joins the costume workshop at l’Opéra-Comique for two seasons. Jérémie Le Louët invites her to join the Les Dramaticules in 2015. "Don Quixote" is their first collaboration.

  • Noémie Guedj


    Executive Director

    Following theatre training at the Sapajou workshops, Guedj joins Stéphane Auvray-Nauroy, Michel Fau and Sophie Loucachevski classes at Cours Floren School. She performs in particular in "Marion Delorme" by Victor Hugo at Theatre du Marais under Julien Kosellek’s direction, "La dispute" by Marivaux ("The quarrel") at Contemporary Danse Golovine in Avignon directed by Christel Martin, and also interprets Mister Rouhabbi's texts, supervised by Patrick Pineau, at the Petit Odeon.

    In October 2002, she co-founds Les Dramaticules in conjunction with Jérémie Le Louët. She holds Lady Macbeth’s role in "Macbett" by Eugene Ionesco (2004/05), Miss Cutts's role in "Hot House" by Harold Pinter (2007/08), Salome's role in "Salome" by Oscar Wilde (2010/11), Lady Anne's role in "Richard III" by William Shakespeare (2012/13) and the roles of Nicole and Noémie in "Affreux, bêtes et pédants" ("Hideous, stupid and pedantic"). She is the Chief Assistant Director in "Ubu Roi" ("Ubu King") and "Don Quichotte".

    In 2003, Guedj is hired for a tour by Michel Piquemal to interpret the role of Pythonisse in "Le Roi David" ("King David") an Arthur Honegger's oratorio. In October 2004, she illustrates through a prologue, "the Pastoral Symphony" of Beethoven, interpreted by the Orchestra of Paris, under the supervision of Marek Janowski, at Theatre Mogador. She interprets the role of the mother in "Rated X", an Angelo Pavia’s work presented at the MC93 in Bobigny, in 2006.

  • Jérémie Le Louët


    Actor and Director

    Le Louët receives his theatrical training in Michel Fau and Stéphane Auvray-Nauroy’s classes at the Cours Florent School. Between 1999 and 2002, he mostly performs in "Elle" ("Her") by Jean Genet, at Le Colombier Theatre, and directed by Valéry Warnotte, "Marion Delorme" and "Le Roi s’amuse" ("The king has fun") by Victor Hugo at Theatre du Marais and directed by Julien Kosellek in conjunction with Stéphane Auvray-Nauroy, "Occupe-toi d’Amélie" ("Take care of Amélie") by Georges Feydeau at Theatre du Trianon, and directed by Caroline Carpentier.

    In October 2002, Le Louët co-founds Les Dramaticules. In 2002/2003, he conceives and produces "Macbett" by Eugene Ionesco at Theatre le Proscenium. He bases his work on the tempo, the dynamics and the phrasing. In October 2004, he illustrates through a prologue, "The Pastoral Symphony" of Beethoven interpreted by the Orchestra of Paris, supervised by Marek Janowski, at the Mogador Theatre. In May 2005, he presents "Macbett" by Ionesco's re-creation at Theatre 13 in Paris. He interprets Duncan's role. In 2006/2007, he takes the role of the officiating priest in ""Rated X, a play written and presented by Angelo Pavia at the MC93 in Bobigny. In 2007/2008, he directs "Hot House" by Harold Pinter in which he plays Lush’s role.

    In 2008/2009, he writes and produces "Un Pinocchio de moins!" ("A Pinocchio less!") in which he plays the role of Geppetto, the Jiminy Cricket and Mangiafuoco. In July 2010, he is the director of Guy de Maupassant’s adaptation of "Le Horla" at the Festival of Avignon. In 2010/2011, he directs "Salome" by Oscar Wilde, in which he performs the role of Herod. In 2012/2013, he produces "Richard III" by William Shakespeare. He performs the lead role. He co-writes and stages "Affreux, bêtes et pédants" ("Hideous, stupid and pedantic") in January 2014, in which he plays the role of Jérémie. He stages "Ubu Roi by Les Dramaticules" in November 2014, in which he performs the role of Father Ubu. He adapt and stage "Don Quichotte" in june 2016, in which he performs the role of Don Quichotte.

    From 2005 to 2007, Jérémie Le Louët is a professor of dramatic art at the Cours Florent School. Since 2007, he regularly manages internships, workshops and conferences for amateurs and professionals all over France.

  • Guéwen Maigner



    Ferronnier de formation, Guéwen Maigner est constructeur de décors. Il travaille pour de nombreuses compagnies de spectacle vivant (Cie de Dramaticules, Cie la Volige, Cie Nie Wiem, Cie du temps de vivre, Cie la Vie est ailleurs, Cie du Loup Blanc, Cie Vie à Vies…)
    Membre de la compagnie Les Visseurs de clous (79), il est également comédien marionnettiste (Rien n’était si beau, la femme de l’ogre, Marchand de Baton, Petite Louve Bleue…)

  • Dominique Massat



    After her studies at Studio 34, Massat joins the free class led by Michel Fau and Jean-Michel Rabeux, at Cours Florent School. She then works in the field of theatre under the direction of Frédéric Jessua’s in "L’Atroce Volupté" ("The Atrocious Sensual delight") by of Mr. Maurey and G. Nephews, in "Les Détraquées" ("The Headcases") by Olaf and Palau, in "Jules César" ("Julius Caesar") by W. Shakespeare, in "Gabegie" ("Muddle") by J.F. Mariotti , and in "Le Misanthrope" ("The Misanthrope") by Molière. She also works with Isabelle Siou in "Le Baiser de Sang" ("The Kiss of Blood") by J. Aragny and F. Nelson; with Igor Mendjisky in "Hamlet" by W. Shakespeare (Anjou Festival Prize winner); with Sébastien Rajon in "Le Balcon" ("The Balcony") by J. Genet; with Manon Savary in "L’illusion Comique" ("The Comic Illusion") by Corneille; with Olivier Quinzin in "Andromaque" ("Andromache") by Racine; with Frédéric Ozier in "Les Bacchantes" d’Euripide ; with Armelle Legrand in "Le Bonheur du Serpent" ("The snake happiness") by H. Finally, and with Boulay in "Le Parc" ("The Park"), by B. Strauss.

    In 2011, Jérémie Le Louët invites her to join Les Dramaticules. She takes up Salomé's role in "Salome" by Oscar Wilde and the role of Elisabeth in "Richard III" de William Shakespeare (2012/13). She plays Mother Ubu in "Ubu roi" ("Ubu the King" - 2014/15) and Dulcinee and the duchess in "Don Quichotte" (2015/16).

  • Théo Pombet


    Sound Designer & Tech manager

    Après un BTS audiovisuel option Son à Boulogne-Billancourt achevé en 2019, Théo fait ses premiers pas dans le spectacle vivant au sein de l’équipe de la salle Richelieu de la Comédie Française, en formation par alternance à la licence professionnelle SyRDES (Systèmes et Réseaux Dédiés au Spectacle-Vivant).

    Il continue par la suite à travailler avec cette équipe, notamment en tant que technicien son plateau sur la pièce Le Coté de Guermantes mise en scène par Christophe Honoré. En 2021 il travaille à la radio, au sein de RFI sous le titre de TCR (Technicien Chargé de Réalisation) ou encore en tant qu’ingénieur du son pour le concert de Laure Brisa au festival Les Nuits secrètes.

    Il rencontre cette même année Jérémie Le Louët et intègre la Compagnie des Dramaticules en juillet 2021.

  • Thomas Sanlaville


    Sound Designer & Tech manager

    Après un BTS audiovisuel option son à l'EICAR achevé en 2004, Thomas fait ses premières armes en tant qu'ingénieur du son auprès de Valérie Moncorgé Gabin sur le tournage du film "Le Forcené". De 2004 à 2007, il participe aux tournages de fictions et de documentaires ("Soleil Bas", production FEMIS ; "Princesse Recherche" de Déborah Chiarella ; "Contre Nature" de Julien Despaux...).
    Il se consacre en parallèle, à partir de 2005, au spectacle vivant en tant que technicien son entre autres à l'Espace Maurice Béjart (Verneuil-sur-Seine) et au Centre Des Arts (Enghien-Les-Bains).
    Il intègre ensuite le Théâtre Roger Barat à Herblay en 2009 en tant que régisseur son et régisseur général adjoint. Là, il participe à la création de plusieurs opéras pour lesquels il assure les fonction de créateur son et régisseur plateau : "Rigoletto" de Verdi, "Vanessa" de Barber, "Zanetto" de Mascagni, "Abu Hassan" de Weber et "Le Consul de Menotti" mis en scène par Bérénice Collet entre 2011 et 2014 ; "Falstaff" de Verdi monté par Camille Germser en 2015.
    Il collabore un nouvelle fois avec Bérénice Collet en tant que créateur son sur la pièce "Une Femme seule" de Dario Fo pour la compagnie Empreinte Première en 2014.
    En 2017 et 2018, il rejoint les équipes du Centre Dramatique National de Sartrouville et du Théâtre 95 à Cergy pour lesquelles il assure les fonctions de régisseur son.
    Il rejoint la Compagnie des Dramaticules en septembre 2018 pour la création d'"Hamlet".

  • Blandine Vieillot


    Stage Designer

    After obtaining a Stage Design BTS (two-year technical degree) at ENSAAMA, Vieillot joins the ENSATT School where she studies scenography. She has worked with Christian Schiaretti, Olivier Maurin, Kristian Von Treskow, Adolf Shapiro, Richard Brunel, Christophe Galland, Antoine Caubet and Serge Tranvouez. She designs and realises the scenography of numerous shows: "Les Visionnaires" ("The Visionaries") by Jean de Saint Sorlin (directed by C. Schiaretti - TNP), "Louisa Miller" (directed by A.L. Lemaire), "Parasites" by Von Mayenburg and directed by Delaigle - CDE Colmar), "Une ardente patience" ("A burning patience") by Skarmeta (directed by V. Campo), "Nunzio" by Spiro Scimone, and "Vive Henri IV" ("Long live to Henri IV") or Anouilh’s Galigai (directed by T. Lutz - TTT of Pau), and "Petites histoires du soir" ("Evening short stories") by Dino Buzzati (directed by P. Mons).

    Vieillot designs the scenography of "Canard sauvage" ("the Wild duck") by Henrik Ibsen (directed by In. Béal). She participates in the realisation of the of the "Chandelier's by Alfred de Musset ("Candlestick" of Musset) directed by M.C. Morvant, and in "the Meurtre" ("Murder") by Hanokh Levin (directed by C. Swiss chard - Theatre of the Storm).

    In 2012, Jérémie Le Louët invites her to join Les Dramaticules in 2012. Richard III by William Shakespeare is their first collaboration. She then takes care of the scenography for "Affreux, bêtes et pédants" ("Hideous, stupid and pedantic" - January 2014) – as well as of "Ubu roi" ("Ubu king" - November 2014) and "Don Quichotte" (June 2016), all shows directed by Jérémie Le Louët.

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